The entire school is divided into 4 houses i.e. Bhagat Puran Singh House, Glaxy House, Khurana House, Shakespeare House. Each student is allotted a house at the time of joining the school and inter-house activities form an integral part of the school calendar. To inculcate a spirit of competition among students, each house is also assigned with duties on a weekly basis, which cater to the discipline of the school, news-reading and hosting of functions pertaining to religious as well as national festivals. Each houses has been assigned a colour & week on duty month for general cleanliness and other activities in the school.

Inter house competitions in Debates, Dramas, Sports, Painting, School Beautification, Sanitation, Cleanliness and discipline are held as per schedule given in the school calendar. In fact, this competition forms the very basis of the texture of schools like this.


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18 August 2012
The Session Begins 18 August 2011


11 July 2012
The Second Merit list has been released.

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